The doctor prides himself on only accepting patients for care that he can help. He regularly tells people that if he can help them, he’ll tell them. If he can’t, he’ll make sure they get to the right person who can. If we do accept you for care there are generally three stages. The first stage of care has a focus on relieving your symptoms as soon as possible. The next stage addresses patterns in daily activities and changing structural imbalances. The final stage demonstrates the effectiveness of maintaining proper health so that the issue stays resolved.

Relief Care

The first stage is often called Acute or Relief care and is for most patients. The focus in the beginning is on providing you with the greatest amount of symptom relief as soon as possible. Since everyone is different, some individuals heal quickly while others take weeks to get the desired effect. We primarily focus on techniques and therapies that maximize effectiveness in alleviating pain and discomfort. Our goal is to allow you to participate in “activities of daily living” with minimal distress. For this to happen, the doctor often prescribes at home therapies for the patient to do starting the first night.


Corrective Care

The next stage of care focuses on correcting the problems from a more functional and structural standpoint. Our goal is to increase you bodies functional ability by promoting the right kind of movement through your joints, muscles and spine. Since the patient is the one healing, we all work together as a team to accomplish these goals. It is extremely important for the patient to follow the treatment guidelines during this stage because a lot of the healing is happening outside of the office. Consistency is the key factor in making appointments, maintaining home exercise plans, and all other recommendations. People eventually realize that even though the pain and discomfort has subsided, the real healing and correction of functional issues needs to continue.


Wellness Care

A mentor of mine, Dr Guy, said that Wellness Care is about changing. I am of the opinion that life is far more than just getting rid of or preventing disease. Life is a process of growth and development that changes from one day to the next. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and in our relationships, we are different than we were at age two (and even yesterday, for that matter). The process of life, the human experience, is one of maximal growth and development in each of these areas. We need to be prepared to design and develop our lives fully. This is wellness care.