The Adjustment

As a Phoenix Chiropractor, Dr. Dominic promotes the cornerstone of his treatment to be the spinal adjustment. As mentioned before, these adjustments are used to help a variety of different conditions and health issues. Since the foundation of our health is determined by how well our nervous system is functioning, Chiropractic Doctors help you preserve that essential function.


Two medical-grade massage therapies


Deep tissue massage is one of the most common therapeutic and restorative massages. “Deep tissue” refers to the muscles that lie beneath the superficial layer of muscles, which bear the most strain during strenuous activity and repetitive motion. These muscles often become overused, tight, and suffer what we often refer to as “knots,” pain and soreness. A deep tissue massage will use slow, deep strokes against the grain of the muscle to release knots and relieve tension.

Corrective massage aims to massage your muscles in order to bring your body into more proper alignment, similar to chiropractic work. Tension and strain can restrict range of motions and throw movements out of balance. The therapist will listen to your pains and use soothing massage to help make alignment changes. Regular corrective massage will re-educate muscles to perform in balance.

All of our licensed Massage Therapist’s use a number of soft tissue therapy techniques which help to reduce pain, muscle hyper-tonicity and spasm. Some of the techniques we employ are trigger point therapy, mysofacial release, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, acupressure point therapy, and active tension release. The need and benefits of these therapies vary from patient to patient. Its important to see that if your specific condition requires massage, Dr. Dominic will prescribe it for you and incorporate it into your treatment plan.



Physical Therapy

Once we determine the correct cause of your ailments, it is important to help maintain proper joint motion. As a patient who was a dentist once told us, all of our therapy stretches and exercises are meant to do one thing: help support proper joint hygiene. Since the primary focus is on consistent mobility, we encourage a proactive approach towards healing. That is why Dr. Dominic creates specific “Home Protocols” for each of  his patients to do both in the office and at home. Adding a physiotherapy regime to your health program helps to speed your recovery by stabilizing your “Core Muscles” and improving your body’s “biomechanics”. Your muscle’s are there for support, so why not use them to the best of your ability.

Kinesio Tape

As an Athletic Trainer, Dr. Dominic utilizes sports training and Kinesio Taping with a majority of his patients. You probably first saw Kinesio-Tape on Kerri Walsh’s shoulder during the Olympics in 2008 or on Lance Armstrong’s Knees in the 2009 Tour de France. This sports specific tape was first designed by a Japanese Chiropractor called Dr. Kenso Kase in 1997. Dr. Dominic started using it with his athletes in 2002 and then with “real people” in 2006. Since then he has utilized its specific ability to aid the healing process by encouraging normal body motion.


Nutrients empower us to perform to the best of our ability. Without the correct balance, we wouldn’t be able to do all the things we love to do like hike, play, or enjoy our family. As part of a “Wellness Approach to Health”, we believe that evaluating the and correcting your deficiencies is crucial to your overall health .


Since you spend half of your life at work, it’s important to have the correct type of environment for you. While working as an ergonomic assessor, Dr. Dominic realized that most workplace ergonomics can be corrected by the person working there. That is why he has designed a specific tutorial to help people set up their own ergonomic workstation. This ergonomics training go’s hand in hand with our philosophy on empowering  patients to take control of their own health.