It’s not uncommon to feel tired every now and again, after all most of us lead very active and busy lives. What is uncommon however is extreme fatigue that can be debilitating and can’t be explained by any underlying condition. This is the little know illness called chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

For some people, this may only last a few months, for others a few years. In many cases the symptoms come and go over several years.

While the exact cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is largely unknown, the wide range of theories spans from a viral infection to perhaps periods of excessive stress. Many sufferers report feeling joint pain and difficulty sleeping. These (in addition to many other symptoms) often lead to irritability and moodiness.

Symptoms include:

Loss of Memory or Concentration
Sore Throat
Enlarged lymph nodes in armpits and neck
Unexplained muscle pain
Joint pain that has no redness or swelling
Restless sleep
Exhaustion that lasts more than 24 hours after mental or physical exercise

Typically most patients suffering from CFS will seek the diagnosis of a general practitioner or specialist and then often head to the chiropractor secondarily in search of relief. What makes chronic fatigue syndrome a tricky condition to diagnosis is that there is no test that will give you a definitive answer one way or another. Once other potential health problems have been ruled out however, it’s time to look for ways to bring back energy and keep symptoms at bay.

For many with CFS, this is where chiropractic care fits in.

Spinal alignment leads to energy conservation

Often patients naturally see an increase in their energy once their bodies begin to be properly aligned. Any misalignment can cause the body and it’s necessary systems to not function at their peak. When this happens, we experience a whole variety of issues ranging from back and neck pain to fatigue. This is one reason that patients suffering from CFS often find some relief during regular chiropractic adjustments.