Dr. Dominic Pisaro

Dr. Dominic Pisaro
Dr. Dominic PisaroChiropractor

Owner and Clinical Director of Arcadia Health and Wellness Chiropractic. Dr Pisaro’s philosophy is that health and well being is only attained through empowerment of the patient to take an active role in their life. He believes that a proper health care plan combines exercise, nutrition, and support of the body’s foundation (skeleton). In addition, great care is made to ensure that the nervous system is functioning properly so that all parts of the body can be in balance.

Dr. Pisaro is an alumnus of Palmer College of Chiropractic West and Chico State University. He is originally from the San Francisco bay area where he spent the last 16 years immersed in numerous branches within health care. He is also the creator of S.P.E.A.K. (Student Patient Education Awareness Knowledge), which is the community outreach program at the three Palmer colleges that supports and empowers students to develop into competent, passionate doctors of chiropractic for the ultimate improvement in the health of the world.

Dr. Pisaro’s vast clinical experience in Chiropractic, Massage and Rehabilitation enables him to help a wide variety of patients with difficult conditions. As a CPR / FIRST AID INSTRUCTOR, Karate Teacher, and soccer coach, he empowers his students to discover their true potential.

Dr. Pisaro continues to complete advanced training in a number of health care related fields to increase the effectiveness of his treatments. He is a certified practitioner of Kinesio Tape which is commonly associated with elite athletes in the Olympics. His extensive training in Gonstead, Flexion Distraction, and Pro-Adjuster allows for a more precise and skillful adjustment.

Since Dr. Pisaro has been practicing in Arizona for over eleven years, he has had the opportunity to assist his community in a number of ways. He was proud to be on the Board of Directors for UMOM, a family based homeless shelter in Phoenix. MAYO Clinic in phoenix asked him to speak at the annual symposium for the otolaryngeal and esophageal treatment. He is also currently teaching numerous classes on topics from Trigger point massage to functional nutrition and Fitness boot camps which encourages all of his patients to live a wellness based lifestyle.

Dr. David Saberito

Dr. David Saberito
Dr. David SaberitoChiropractor

Dr. David Saberito is a born and raised New Yorker at heart and brings the same energy and passion in providing the best care for his patients. As an avid sports fan and former collegiate athlete, Dr. David, brings an emphasis on movement and activity while understanding the importance of teamwork and dedication. His foundation in education is in Exercise Science and applied Kinesiology where he earned a degree from Ithaca College in upstate NY. Taking the next steps he decided to pursue a career that would improve the lives of the people in his community which lead him to chiropractic care. A graduate from the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic, Dr. David, has taken his years of experience in the field to treat a wide variety of people and help them achieve their specific goals. He believes in delivering care around the highest clinical expertise catered to each patients specific values and goals, while following the highest quality of evidence. You can find him cheering on the Yankees, walking his puppies, or searching for the best pizza in the Valley.

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