As with all areas of medicine, there will always be those who are for a practice and those opposed to a practice. This is nothing new. In fact, there have been debates regarding the handling of treatments since back in the days of widespread Chinese medicine and even more today as new health practices emerge.

I understand some people are scared to come in for their first adjustment. While I know that I am benefiting their health, not hurting it in any way, I don’t discount their fears. After all, I am continuously hearing new and different myths about adjustments and in an effort to highlight the truth about chiropractic care, I’ve decided to lay some of the most common myths to rest. I am always willing to answer any and all questions regarding what I do!

  1. MYTH: Getting adjusted is dangerous and painful
    FACT: This is probably the most common objection people have when it comes to chiropractic care. Countless studies have shown that being adjusted is actually one of the least risky medical appointments you can go to. Of course it is necessary for you to be adjusted by a licensed chiropractor.One common commissioned study from the Ontario Ministry of Health released the following conclusion:

    There is no clinical or case-control study that demonstrates or even implies that chiropractic spinal manipulation is unsafe in the treatment of low-back pain. Some medical treatments are equally safe, but others are unsafe and generate iatrogenic (doctor-induced) complications for low-back pain patients. Our reading of the literature suggests that chiropractic manipulation is safer than medical management of low-back pain.”

    Many forms of pain management, including taking prescription painkillers, are associated with damage to internal organs and have a potential for reliance on the medication which could lead to abuse. Chiropractic care is a natural form of pain management and preventative care.

    All doctors must pay for malpractice insurance but did you know that chiropractors are charged less than any other kind of doctor? That’s because there are far fewer lawsuits involving complications for chiropractic care.


  2. MYTH: Chiropractic appointments are not affordable 
    FACT: Insurance often covers appointments and research shows that those who receive consistent chiropractic care actually visit their physician for medical issues less frequently than their peers who do not get adjusted. In addition to seeing the doctor less often, many chiropractic patients also avoid having to take costly medications. They turn to adjustments for many of their ailments and therefore eliminate the need for expensive and often dangerous medications.
  3. MYTH: If you get adjusted once you are locked in to getting adjusted forever
    FACT: You are certainly under no obligation to continue seeing a chiropractor the rest of your life after an adjustment…however many patients feel so great that they do make chiropractic care a part of their life.I will of course make recommendations on the best course of treatment but you, as the patient, are always the one to make the decision. You can come in as often as you want or once a year if that is your preference. Frequent adjustments are often most beneficial but they are in no way mandatory.
  4. MYTH: Chiropractors aren’t “real doctors”
    FACT: I’ve heard this myth frequently and it couldn’t be any further from the truth. Often people question what they are not familiar with because it makes them apprehensive and that can lead to myths such as this one. Did you know that chiropractors require 2,887 education class hours while the typical medical doctor is only required to take 2,756 hours? Chiropractors are educated in the workings of the body and mind. The hours and education required are extensive and even pending graduation, a student must spend hundreds of hours in real clinic settings before being able to practice.
  5. MYTH: The ‘popping’ sound comes from your bones rubbing together
    FACT: Patients may hear a popping sound but this is simply caused by gases expanding in the joint space as it opens. Also, you may not hear anything during an adjustment. This simply depends what method is being used and your course of treatment.
  6. MYTH: You should never get your children adjusted
    FACT: Getting your infants and children adjusted is one of the best things you can do!Many are surprised to hear that I adjust babies. When you consider the trauma a tiny little body undergoes in the birthing process, it’s no surprise that the body requires alignment. The process is a safe one and of course the pressure used is adjusted for their tiny size. As a general rule of thumb, when adjusting a baby the amount of pressure is comparable to the pressure you could comfortably apply to your eyeball without causing pain.

Have you heard any other chiropractic myths that you would like debunked? Just let me know!