As the weather cools down here in the Valley we are greeted with cool air in the morning and pleasant crisp temperatures at night. This is truly the best time to be in the desert, but just like other parts of the country, it’s also a time of cold, flu and lowered immunity. Holiday travel, family visits and crowded shopping centers and malls make exchanging germs as simple as touching surfaces or shaking hands. Fortunately, there are many natural ways we can boost our immunity and lessen our chances of getting sick this holiday season.

Additionally, many of these natural supplements have been linked to maintaining long term health in many of the body’s main systems.

1. Larch

The Northwestern Larch tree contains a fiber called arabinogalactan (AG). This immune system booster is known to enhance the efficiency of natural killer cells, which attack microbes and cancer cells as soon as the body detects them. Additional research has also found that in laboratory tests, this ingredient has been effective in warding off secondary tumors that often occur in the organs of cancer patients.

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2. Oregano Oil

Wild oregano plants yield two natural ingredients that are known to boost immunity – carvacrol and thymol. While many of us are familiar with oil of oregano, which is used for cooking, it’s important to note that oregano oil is different. The two ingredients in this oil help rid the body of harmful micro-organisms that can make us sick. These include killing organisms that can lead to digestive problems and skin infections, boosting immunity, improving muscle and joint flexibility and improving respiratory health.

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3. Shitake Mushrooms

Much like the earlier mentioned larch tree, shitake mushrooms are also believed to boost the action of natural killer cells. These cells not only attack cancerous cells but also viruses which have entered our bodies. The main compound responsible for these benefits is called lentinan and it’s known to kickstart the immune system. The great thing about this immunity booster is that you can prepare these mushrooms in a variety of ways, from salad additions to soup ingredients, shitake mushrooms can give your body that extra boost this winter.

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4. Avocados

Here’s another tasty immunity booster! Avocados are known to support adrenal function and the health of your immune system. The healthy fats in avocados help balance hormone production as well. The avocado is a great source of glutathione which helps rid the body of free radicals that can later turn in to cancer. Additionally, the inflammatory conditions we experience when we have a cold or the flu can be reduced with the natural fatty acids.

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5. Ginger

Ginger is one of the most potent natural antioxidants and immunity boosters. This is why you see a variety of teas with ginger as an ingredient. If you have a cold, ginger root tea can help lessen sore throat and can even reduce the discomfort of chills and fever. This is due, in part, to the fact that ginger contains two natural antibiotics.

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6. Sage Extract

Sage extract has been used in medicine since ancient times. There are many different conditions that are treated naturally with this extract including stomach issues, depression, memory loss, gum disease, sore throat and painful nasal passages to name a few. In some cases, sage is even inhaled for the treatment of asthma.

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These are just a small sampling of the many different natural immunity boosters available. While some may be purchased at supplement stores or pharmacies, others like the avocado or shitake mushroom can be purchased at your local grocery store.

Do you have any other natural supplements you use to boost your immunity? Let us know your secret to prolonged health during the holiday season!